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Our History

We first started translating in 2003, when we took our first steps in this world while studying at University. Passion has always been our springboard: passion for travels, languages and multiculturalism. Thanks to our first working experiences in the touristic field, we obtained our first jobs as translators: for web pages, technical projects, articles and interviews for foreigners who moved to Italy.

Thanks to many experiences as volunteers abroad, we improved our cross-sector skills that are essential in every interpersonal relationship such as recognition and satisfaction of others’ needs, rapid delivery and precise results.

Moreover, over the years, we have become more and more aware that what we want to support is the positive encounter between cultures. Mainly for this reason, translation of specialized texts has become our profession.

Our competency comes from a specific university career in technical and scientific translation as well as from professional experiences in different fields in several countries. This has led us to translate documents in the following areas:

medical, for electro-medical equipment and research articles;

legal, during working periods in law firms;

academic, translating bibliographic material and speeches for conferences;

advertising, for brochures, slogans used during events and for tourism promotion;

commercial and business, after working periods in recognised international companies.

 Our Mission

Our main mission is to create a confident and collaborative relation with our clients and, at the same time, to provide them with reliable linguistic services, in order to satisfy their requests. For this reason, we are very careful in the selection of our staff members in order to be able to offer high quality translations in many specialized sectors. All the documents received are treated with respect of privacy and confidentiality. We also provide free quotes tailored to the text features (lengths, specialization, etc.) and on the client’s needs (delivery time, formatting, etc.).

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