Camilla Musso

Translator EN, FR > IT

After earning a master’s degree in translation at the University of Genoa, many educational and internship experiences abroad and many summers spent volunteering in Serbia, she decided to turn her passion, communication in multicultural fields, into a job.


She started translating while studying, putting her competence at the disposal of enterprises, theatre companies and freelance professionals.

Michela Cescatti
Translator EN, ES > IT

After earning a bachelor’s degree in cultural and linguistic mediation at the Unistrasi of Siena and a working experience in a translation agency in Barcelona, she decided to complete her studies. Some years later, she achieved a master’s degree in technical and scientific translation at the University of Genoa.


During her studies, she translated articles and interviews for tourism purposes. After this, she specialized in medical and construction translation.

MultiLingual Translations Milan 

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